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Contoh Abstrak Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Abstrak Bahasa Inggris


Source : bocahkampus.com

Selain menggunakan bahasa indonesia, abstrak biasanya juga ditulis dalam bahasa inggris.

Contoh abstrak di bawah ini merupakan versi bahasa inggris dari abstrak jurnal yang telah dibahas di atas.


This research is motivated by the observation data which showed students’ learning outcomes in science is very low. To respond that matter, the researcher conducted action research that aims to improve students’ learning outcomes. The goals to be achieved in this study include: (1) Knowing the implementation of the experimental method in improving students’ learning outcomes, (2) Knowing the improvement of students’ learning outcomes using experimental methods. This study employed an action research Kemmis and Mc. Taggart model.

The research was conducted on the number of students in grade 4th as many as 44 students. This study measures the existing of entire realm on learning outcomes, namely: cognitive, affective and psychomotor. The results of this study showed the improvement in every sphere in each cycle. By using experimental method, students gain experience directly so that learning is more attractive and it can improve students’ learning outcomes. Therefore, it is recommended to the teachers to use the experimental method of science teaching in primary schools to improve students’ learning outcomes.

Keywords: experimental methods, learning outcomes 

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